Friday, March 06, 2009

Our new bedroom!

We got our new furniture the Wednesday after we completed the floor I jus haven't posted the pictures yet like I said I would. So here it is before and after.

Pretty cool. Next project is the bathroom floor. We're going to us the same type of flooring, but it will look like tile. I don't think that is in the near future.

My little Bean dog can't get fixed for a few more weeks because he's so small. Just like before we got Pepper fixed he's marking the carpets. Same spots Pepper did. I shampooed those spots this morning. The rest of the carpet in the house will eventually be replaced too.

On another note. I met this wonderful lady here. Her husband and mine carpooled for a while. She invited me to a couple gatherings and I've been meeting so many people. I get to go to her baby shower tomorrow too. She's having a little girl in 3 weeks. Anyways, the first thing she invited me to was a Party Lite party. If anyone remembers, two years ago I signed up with a soy candle company. I love their candles and have been using them for the past two years. I was too chicken to do a party. Well I really didn't even get the chance to because I was too chicken to even ask anyone I knew if they wanted to have a party. I sold a few things to some friends, but that was all. Then we moved and I really didn't know anybody. I'm too chicken to just walk up to someone and introduce myself. I didn't bother trying to sell candles after that. I just ordered them for myself. Well the party was fun, I did meet new people, and I realized that I could do this. I could have a party. It wasn't that hard. Then went to another party and talked with other people there. I talked to people I didn't know!! Then I went with her to a coffee club. There were forty+ women there and everyone was introducing themselves to people they didn't know, talking with people they did know, and so many people were coming up to me I started going to other people too. I was just walking around meeting people. Talk about way outside my comfort zone. Then this week there was a new girl at the busstop with her parents. I walked up, said hi and introduced myself! This is getting much easier. So anyways at the coffee club they had raffles and gave out prizes. I offered some of my votives for gifts at the next meeting. (Burning the party lite candles I bought at the parties reminded me of why I only burn my soy candles now.) I'm going to share the joy of my amazing candles. And while I was telling my friend about my revelation of being able to do a party myself the host of the coffee club jumped in and said she'd do a party! I figure if she books a party then there's no turning back. I will have to do it. I can't wait. It's exciting. I know I have a great product it actually sells itself. So there's my excitement of the week. I've been waiting to get it out. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The truck again

We were so excited that we didn't owe taxes this year. Last year we owed $2300. Long story. This year we were getting a nice check so we decided to fix up our bedroom. We bought our flooring and our bedroom furniture. Then we found out the Tahoe needed $2800 in repairs. Money in money out, easy come easy go. At least it didn't take the whole tax check. Although this may have put a stop to my trip to IL this summer. Bummer I was looking forward to it. Airline tickets are a little out of hand right now. Hope they come down soon. Hope everyone else is having a good tax season.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our new floor

Last weekend we ripped up the SHAG carpet in out room. It's been almost two years since we moved in. The carpet was really cool until we moved in and I tried to vacuum it. Then the animals seemed to think it was grass. Let your imagination run with that one. You never really knew what you were stepping on or in. The pups did their thing then my male cat decided to let them know who's room it really was. This happened over and over again. We got our tax refund back and tore up the carpet.

I couldn't believe how many pee spots there were. Well actually I could it was just amazing to see all of it. They were peeing in spots I didn't even know they were peeing in! So yesterday we bought our new flooring and started installing it. Today we finished it. Yeah!!!

Not bad for doing it ourselves don't you think? In a week and a half we get our new bedroom furniture. I'll post pics when we get it. That's it for now.

Friday, December 19, 2008

babies, puppies, teeth and snow

I became a (step)grandmother yesterday. Zac had a little girl Adalyn Isabella. We got a brindle long hair chihuahua on Wednesday. He is 9 weeks old and his name is Bean. Angelina fell on her face last weekend and her two bottom teeth that were already loose got knocked almost out.
She layed on the couch for 8 hours with a washrag in her mouth and wouldn't let anyone near her mouth. She wouldn't let us touch them so they didn't fall out until Wednesday. It snowed in the desert. We got a couple inches of snow Wednesday and Thursday. The kids had a blast playing in it. Zane even got his first snowday from school. Here are a few pics the rest are on my photobucket.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

cats and batteries

What a fun couple of days. Thursday I jumped in the tahoe to run up to the store and the truck didn't turn on. Nothing, no noise, clicking, nothing. So I go back inside tell hubby the truck won't turn on and grab the keys to the neon. Hopped in the neon and it made a clicking noise while trying to turn it on. Both batteries dead. Now that is too much of a coincidence for me, but I guess it must have been. The blazer(old reliable) started just fine. He jumped both cars just fine. So he replaced both batteries on Friday. Always fun.

So for about the last 5 days I have been cleaning diarrhea out of the cat box. Finally figured out who it was today. Poor thing has had diarrhea for 5 days and you can tell her rear is sore, she's walking bow legged and won't sit on her butt. Not that sitting is something she does often, but right now when she does she leaves a small mess where her bottom was. Get my drift. She is an obese, bed ridden blob. She gets worn out just trying to get to the food and cat box. Anyways, because she is so big she can't clean most of her body, that includes her rear. So today I have had the fun of chasing her and pinning her down to wipe her bottom. She doesn't like me today. I don't like me today. Very gross.

On another note, we've been adding to the house. We bought some nice ceiling fans for the kids rooms and some really nice fans for the kitchen and light fixtures. We decided to change the kitchen to silver , started looking at cabinet knobs and hinges. Then we got home and realized we really can't change the kitchen to silver. It wouldn't look right with the color of the cabinets, we didn't realize how many knobs and hinges we need,and don't have the money for that much remodeling. Very dissappointing. The fans and lights we picked out were awesome. I was so upset we had to take them back. We ordered the same fan, but in a bronze finish. We're going to try black and bronze for the kitchen. I can live with bronze. I really don't like the gold look. I think it looks cheesy and cheap. Any ways thanks for listening. More to come later.